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Migros' or Coop's so-called "swiss quality"

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Hello everyone,


If I buy bread in Migros or Coop, then it becomes like rubber, that is not edible. If I buy bread in Lidl though, then it's still good on the third day like it's homemade one. So I liked meat for barbecue from Lidl better, than from Migros or Coop. How come then is Migros or Coop considered better in terms of quality than Lidl or Aldi? Why are swiss people so obsessed with the idea that swiss equals to good quality?

Thank you!
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Rif.: Migros' or Coop's so-called "swiss quality"

One thing is certain: The bread and meat we buy here in Switzerland from Aldi or Lidl are no less Swiss than those sold by Migros and Coop!

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Re: Migros' or Coop's so-called "swiss quality"

Hi @quinton77, thank you very much for your message. Every product contains different information. We would therefore ask you to answer this message, providing the following information:

- The barcode or item number

- The best-before date

- The batch or lot number

- Where it was purchased

The item number can be found near the Migros logo and is a 7- or 12-digit number. The batch/lot number is usually located next to the best-before date and typically starts with the letter L or consists of a combination of numbers and letters.

We look forward to your reply and wish you a pleasant day. Kind regards, Heidi

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Betreff: Migros' or Coop's so-called "swiss quality"

(Oh dear lord, my english is bad... never got educated in, so please don't judge)
It's not that easy. Migros had a major position to be the nr.1 grocery store for decades, but it changed and they are losing more and more customers. Specially the quality got worse, but people tend to be creatures of habit, so they keep on buying there. Specially the generation of, we call ourself like that, "Migros Kinder" childs of Migros. But even we change that idea of feeling connected to a company and started to buy where you get equal or better quality for less cash. After all.m ot"s just Migros who pretend to have the best quality. If you look up to comparing-products-test (beobachter, k-tipp,  ect) they are always at the lest places. First place is almost everytime Lidl.

For example the bread, you're right Lidl has better quality now than Migros, they really worked on improving the quality and they are Swiss Made too, even with swiss wheat. We buy our bread now at Lidl and it's easy to eat it even some days later, while the bread from Migros is chewy by the evening.

People (including me, tbh) are indeed obsessed with the idea that "Swiss made" is a sign to be good, because it worked for decades, at least we trust that swiss made means: the farmer and producer in general get payed well, the veggies are grown with less chemicals and in our region, animals don't have a cruel life, the morkers at the stores got payed well ect. Because there is a trust that companys won't trick us. But they like to do, and we realize that's not the reality anymore that we can just believe them. Factorys buy the most cheap ingredients because they want the most profit. Or look at the chicken farm "Optigal", it's just cruel. Migros pay low price for milk so the producer have to quit since they cannot afford life anymore, and they sell it more expnsive comparing tho others. Using cheap palmoil instead of butter or good oil is a point too. Workers at Migros don't got treated that nice as we think, Ect ect. So you're right, what they pretend to be is sometimes a facade, way overpriced and not a guarantee for e good, fair and tasty product.
Btw: I don' mean that brands from other countrys aren't tasty, I've got some guilty pleasures too :D

Coop started to change, be more ecological with their own products (not the imported brands) and they get better and better, using more Swiss ingredients, skip palm oil step by step, change plastic into cellulose material and so on. While Migros stick to their sights, that RSPO palmoil isn't that bad, cellulose-wrappings are worse than plastic, ect.

So. Swiss made is on one hand still a good proof for quality, but you have to read the micro sized descriptions carefully. They are allowed to brand the product "Swiss made" even it's just processed here with cheap ingredients from somewhere else, specially with meat products they really like to do that. What I'd like to say, "Swiss made" is not always the "real good Swiss made".